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CGW At-Home

Are you missing out on getting together with your sewing peeps? CGW At-Home offers three opportunities to “chat” with your sewing friends at CGW.

Zoom Sewing Circles

These offer the chance to work on your own project, get advice or opinions, or just visit with costuming friends. It’s okay to drop-in or drop-out at any time during the event, so you don’t have to worry if you’re late or if you only have a little bit of time. Be prepared to mute yourself if you are using your machine or hammering in grommets!

If the circle is large enough, when you enter, you may be invited to join a breakout room. The breakout rooms can be used for political discussions, which aren’t appropriate for the larger space, or for the chance to gather in a smaller group if the main room gets too crowded.

You can find the Zoom links in the CGW Forum events that are set up each week. Please don’t share our Meeting ID’s or Passwords anywhere. We don’t want Zoom Bombers.

CGW Wednesday Evening Sewing Circle Zoom
Wednesdays from 7pm – 9pm Pacific Time
Hosted by Colleen Crosby

CGW Friday Morning Sewing Circle Zoom
Fridays from 10am – 1pm Pacific Time
Hosted by Christienne Clark Palmieri

Check our Community Calendar for the specific dates.

Kast Movie Nights

We play a costume movie, which you watch on your computer screen. On the right side of your screen is a chat window where we can talk by text during the movie. It’s a great chance to talk about how the costumes are made. We even had a surprise special guest once when a costume designer joined us for a Q&A after the movie!

A poll is posted each week (usually by Sunday night) in the CGW Forum on Facebook to decide on a movie for the next weekend. You can add your favorite title into the mix! The movie title is posted there as an event (usually by Wednesday night).  Kast links are posted in the CGW Forum events that are set up each week. Please don’t share our links anywhere--we don’t want Kast Bombers either.

Sundays from 7pm-9pm Pacific Time
Hosted by Shawn & Colleen Crosby
Movie trivia provided by Becky Thelin & Shawn Crosby

Check our Community Calendar for the specific dates.

The CGW Facebook Forum

In addition to updates on CGW events, the CGW Facebook forum also shares announcements of online costume events held by other groups. We’ve learned about some great online lectures and workshops from the National Arts Club, FIDM Fashion Institute, Costume On, Burley & Trowbridge, and several museums.


How to get into a Zoom meeting

Go to to download the app or use the online interface, and set up your account ahead of time.

  • When it's time to join the circle, open the app or sign in online.
  • Click on “Join Zoom Meeting,” and enter the Meeting ID and Passcode.
  • Select "Join with video."
  • When you get into the meeting, move your mouse to the bottom part of your screen to make the menu come up.
  • Select "Join with Audio" and "Join with computer audio” in the lower left corner.

If you forget the Meeting ID or Passcode, you can get them on the CGW Forum events that are set up each week.


How to get into a Kast movie

Go to to download the app or sign in online. Be sure to set up your account in advance of the movie you want to see, because it sometimes takes a little time to get through the process. I recommend that you use your actual name or something easily identifiable as you, so people will recognize you in the chat.

After you've downloaded the Kast app, find the party link in the latest issue of Squeals, or check the CGW Forum. Please be careful not to publicize our link, so we don't have unexpected visitors during our movie.

Once you open the CGW At-Home movie party, you should see a tiny movie in the bottom left of your screen. Click on that movie image, and one of the icons is "theater mode." Theater mode (not full screen) should allow you to see the movie on most of your screen and have a chat window on the left.


How to join the CGW Facebook Forum

In Facebook, go to or search for Costumers Guild West (CGW) Forum. Request membership and answer all three of the Membership Questions. At this time, we are only accepting current CGW members in the CGW Forum. There are some legacy members in the group, too.

You will usually be approved for the group within a day. If you are a new CGW member, it may take a little longer, as we have to look up your membership status.