CGW Picnics and Promenades Series

Upcoming Events

And They Said Romance was Dead - an 1820s to 1840s Picnic

“And They Said Romance Was Dead,” an 1820s-1840s picnic

  • Date: May 19th, 2024 at 12:00 pm
  • Location: Los Encinos State Historic Park, 16756 Moorpark St., Los Angeles, CA 91436
  • Contact: Kelly Ramin

“A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Come live in the sunshine, drink the wild air, and meet friends, new and old, at our Romantic Era (1820s-1840s) picnic.  As always, costumes are admired but not required.

Because of the park reservation fee, this event has a suggested donation of $10, and is BYOE (bring your own everything).  We do appreciate sharing if you are so inclined.  Lawn games (that don’t damage the grass) are also welcome.  Picnic tables will be present, and there is ample space for a promenade. Parking is available on the streets around the park, some of which is metered.  Please mind the street signs.  

There is a restaurant that borders the park if you’d like to stay afterwards for dinner.  They open at 4:00 for dinner, with happy hour from 4-6. 


"Storytime Magic," a picnic for your favorite fairytaleStorytime Magic - A Picnic for your Favorite Fairytale

  • Date: September 2024
  • Location: TBD




Phantasmagoria - A Morbid Picnic for Ghouls, Monsters, and Mourning

"Phantasmagoria," a morbid picnic for ghouls, monsters, and mourning

  • Date: October/November 2024
  • Location: TBD





Previous Events


"Enchanted Forest" - A Forest Fantasy PicnicCGW 2024 Picnic - Enchanted Forest


  • Date: April 21st, 2024
  • Time: 11:00 AM
  • Location: Irvine Regional Park, 1 Irvine Park Rd., Orange, CA 92869  (Exact coordinates in the park will be posted in the comment section of this event's social media posts on the morning of the event)
  • Contact: Kelly Ramin


While we congratulate the native flora and fauna of Southern California on their recent and ongoing bounty of rain, our approaching picnic must suffer the consequences of this prosperity.  We are unfortunately postponing the Enchanted Forest Picnic at Irvine Regional Park (originally scheduled for this Sunday, March 24, 2024) to Sunday, April 21st at 11:00 am, but we await seeing all of the beautiful woodland creatures of CGW with increasing anticipation.


Shake out your fairy wings and dust off your flutes for an escape to the enchanted forest of Irvine where you might meet hobbits, elves, and witches!  No gnome costume?  No worries! We welcome all types of costumes to these events, even your human one.

This event is BYOE (bring your own everything).  We do, however, appreciate sharing if you are so inclined.  Lawn games are encouraged.  We can offer assistance with unpacking/packing your car if needed.

There is plenty to do after the picnic, including a zoo and mini train ride. We will organize activities there based on interest.  This event is free, but park entrance is $5 per vehicle, with additional park fees depending upon chosen activities.  It is recommended to be prompt as the park has recently been reaching capacity around noon and turning cars away.

Park rules are here.



“Rebels and Revolutionaries” — Late 18th Century Dress PicnicCGW 2024 Picnic - Rebels and Revolutionaries

  • Date: Cancelled
  • Location: The Getty Center
  • Contact: Kelly Ramin

Unfortunately the weather has once again conspired against us! We regret to announce the event was cancelled as our backup location, The Getty, has decided to close. Our next event will be in March and details will be announced soon. We're sorry to miss you!